Friday, 14 February 2014

Cheryl Coles New Hair Photo Get More Talk About her Fashion Than Her Hair!

Cheryl Cole Goes Blonde!
Early this morning we told you about Cheryl Cole and how she had bleached her hair blonde but it wasn’t her hair that’s got people talking.
Lots of people have been commenting on her fashion sense and what was she wearing in the photo.
Some people have said that they thought she was wearing a ‘fat suite’.
On person commented on the photo and said:
 “Cheryl, am I being dumb? I can’t work out your top,” while another wrote: “I’m confused as to what you are wearing here…”
Another said:
“That jumper is confusing.”
We do not have a clue what she is wearing because it does look like a fat site so we have to say we love the hair but now the outfit at all.

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