Thursday, 27 February 2014

Beyonce Stops Her Concert To Sing Happy Birthday To A Girl In The Crowd

One thing we can say is Beyonce clearly loves her fans!
During her recent concert at Birmingham's LG Arena a fan got the shock of her life as Bey leaned into the audience to sing happy birthday to her.
Beyonce noised that 22-year-old Shehnaz Kahn had a ‘Happy Birthday’ badge on her top and thats when she stopped the concert to sing to her.
Talking about her night at the concert Shehnaz said:
"Incredible, when is that ever going to happen again…I was wearing a birthday badge which she noticed early on in the show, she kind of nodded in acknowledgement…I can't believe she stopped the show for me. I was leaning over the barrier holding her hand and not realizing the camera was recording, everyone around me was going crazy."
If you haven’t had chance to catch the moment have a look after the jump!

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