Monday, 24 February 2014

Arctic Monkeys Singer Alex Turner Says He Was Nervous When He Decided To Throw The Mic On The Floor!

He has been branded a ‘idiot’ after his behaviour during his speech at the Brit Awards last week but now Arctic Monkey’s singer Alex Turner has said that he was ‘nervous’ when he gave the speech.
The singer talked about his  strange behaviour and said:
‘In public I’m a quiet guy, so doing anything in front of lots of people always makes me nervous,’
‘I’m known for my music, not how well I deliver a speech.
'People always assume if you’re in a band that’s been on the scene for ages that you’re going to be really confident, but that’s not true.’
He may have been ‘nervous’ but he didn’t need to drop the microphone on the floor and say ‘you can invoice me for that'
It made him a laughing stock.

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