Saturday, 25 January 2014

Snoop Dogg Smoked So Much In His Hotel Room Fire Services Where Called Because They Thought It Was On Fire!

On Thursday morning fire services rushed to a hotel where Snoop Dogg was staying because they though that hotel was on fire when it was just Snoop smoking!
When the fire service arrived they n noticed that their want no fire and knocked on Snoop Dogg’s door and acted like a starstruck teenager and asked for a photo.
With the photo Snoop cautioned the photo that was uploaded to Instagram:
'Blew it Down' and 'Fire dept Shut it down.'

South Melbourne Senior Station Officer Trevor Bowen said the following:
'While we were there a very famous guy said to us that he had always wanted to be a firefighter and he asked us if he could get a photo with us, and of course we knew who it was, and we obliged,' he explained. 
'He's OK, he's fine and the coolest part of it was that he asked us for a photo of which we gladly obliged and then we took some ourselves… I might have to ask him to stop stalking me at this rate.'
Thank god it was a false alarm.

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