Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sam Faiers Rushed To Hospital As She Suffers ‘Allergic Reaction’ In The Celebrity Big Brother House!

If you have been watching Celebrity Big Brother you will have seen that TOWIE star Sam Faiers has been getting lots of spots on her face and last night her face seemed to be swollen well now it’s gotten much bigger.
It’s been annulled that the reality star was rushed to hospital because her face swelled up so much and she was told that she had had a ‘allergic reaction’.
According to a source it said that Sam’s face swelled up so much she ‘looked like an alien’ and it would not stoop swelling!
The source said:
The reality star received emergency medical treatment for the symptoms which made her 'look like an alien’.
'The poor girl looked like something from a horror movie, like an alien,'

'She is so used to looking sexy and glam that she was really shaken and so were the other housemates.'
A Celebrity Big Brother spokesperson has reported:
'Big Brother can confirm that Sam did not leave the Big Brother house. She was treated over the weekend in the diary room for a medical issue of a personal nature, after treatment she was free to leave the diary room and join the other housemates.'
Sam was looked after by medial staff until her face went down.

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