Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sam Faiers Rushed To Hospital After Falling Ill For The Second Time In The Celebrity Big Brother House

The other day we told you about Sam Faiers and how she had to have medical attention after her face swelled up and she started to look like a ‘alien’ but now things have gotten much more serious!
The reality star was taken out of the Celebrity Big Brother house today and rushed to hospital after her condition took a turn for the worse.
Sam was told the first time she saw the doctor that she had a allergic reaction to something in the house but now we have no clue what’s the matter with her.
A source has reported:
‘This is serious. Sam is really struggling. It's why she hasn't been featured as much in the highlights as she would have if she was fully fit.’
It’s been said that her Big Brother experience has been a ‘nightmare’ for Sam and she has not enjoyed it at all.
Another source has reported:
‘The poor girl. Going on 'Celebrity Big Brother' was like a dream come true for her but the whole experience has been a nightmare because of illness.
‘There are still five days to go to the final. Questions are being asked over whether she should maybe leave on health grounds.’
 A Channel 5 spokesman has said:

‘While Sam was out of the house she was accompanied at all times by a member of staff who ensured that contact with the outside world remained at a minimum.’
 She only has a few days left and then she can be at home with her family!

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