Monday, 20 January 2014

Oliver Mellor Talks About His Affair With Kym Marsh

She’s been divorced and married so many times now and it was revieled a few months ago that she had an affair with her Coronation Street co-star Oliver Mellor but now he’s opened up about his affair with Kym Marsh.
Talking about the affair Oliver said:
‘We loved each other and we weren’t afraid to say it,’

‘It wasn’t something we intended to happen, but we couldn’t stop our feelings.

‘We planned a future together. We dreamed about me moving up North and living together. We spoke of how wonderful life would be.’

‘Once, we were filming a scene where all the lads stripped off and the girls had to go wild to camera,’

‘Kym was right on the back row of the girls but she was looking right at me as she squealed and whooped – it was hard to tell how much was acting at first.’

We feel sorry for Kym’s husband Jamie Lomas but luckily he’s moved on now.

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