Friday, 24 January 2014

Luisa Zissman Gets Banned From Nominating On Celebrity Big Brother After She Tries To Change Her Vote!

Last night after the live eviction show the celebrities in Celebrity Big Brother where asked to do face to face nominations but one person who’s vote didn’t count was Luisa Zissman!
While the other celebrities where announced their votes Luisa was spotted changing her vote! Big Brother told Luisa to stop changing her vote but she failed to do as she was told.
She said:
'I need to change,'
'I chose the wrong nomination.'
Big Brother announced over the loud speaker:
'Luisa you are not permitted to change your nomination,'
Seeing her change her vote N-Dubz singer Dappy shouted saying that he wanted to change his vote because Luisa was allowed.
He said:
'I'm changing mine then,'
If Luisa can change hers, I'm changing mine,'
Because of what she don’t Big Brother told her that she no longer has the right to vote and her nomination would not count.
Big Brother spoke up and bellowed over the mic:
'Luisa, your power to nominate has been resinded due to your attempt to change you nomination.'

She looked embarrassed and said:
'I knew that was going to happen,'
You see if you don’t follow the rules things get taken away from you.
We know she would have voted for Jim Davidson any ways but we have no clue who the other vote would have gone to. 

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