Monday, 27 January 2014

Kanye West Reassures Everyone That Bruce Jenner Likes Women And Doesn't Want To Be One!

Last month we told you about Bruce Jenner and how he booked himself in to have his adams apple flattened starting the process of a full sex change because he wanted to be a woman but now Kanye West has said that that’s all fake.
The singer has said that Bruce ‘likes women and doesn’t want to become one’.
Kanye said:
"Bruce is an Olympic icon who can still get women at 64. He wants to bang women, not become one.” 
It did seem weird that just as Bruce’s marriage to Kris Jenner ended it was reported that he wanted to become a woman, he was also spotted out with his nails papered and his hair in a ponytail looking more and more feminine every time he was spotted out!

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