Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Jim Davidson Crowned Winner Of Celebrity Big Brother!

He’s had his ups and downs in the house but tonight comedian Jim Davidson was crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother!
Jim beat Dappy who came second, Ollie Locke third, Luisa Zissman fourth, Sam Faiers fifth and Casey Batchelor sixth.
Jim seemed really happy as he walked out of the house the winner and said to show host Emma Willis during his interview:
'I thought I'd stand my ground and just be me,' the TV host said about the arguments.

'I'm slightly damaged because of that, and all you got to do is be truthful, and truth will conquer all.'

'It takes two hands to clap, takes two to argument, with Linda we're talking about. She's a fantastic artist, I really do admire her, we did clash a bit, but I can't wait for her to buy me a pint.'
Lots of people where happy that Jim won and some where shocked because he’s not the most liked person in the house!

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