Monday, 27 January 2014

Jasmine Waltz Says It Was A ‘Really Hard Thing To Do’ When She Went Back Into The Celebrity Big Brother House!

On Sunday night’s Celebrity Big Brother viewers saw former housemate Jasmine Waltz re-enter the house during a task well now she has said that it was a ‘really hard thing to do’.
Talking to Lorraine Kelly on her chat show on Monday morning the american actress said:
'I haven’t through this entire time once been nervous, but that was the only moment that I was trembling. It was a really hard thing to do.'
'I think it came across that I was angry but I wasn’t angry it was just there were things I had to say. Though I wish everyone could have stayed quiet so I could say what I had to say.’
Lorraine then asked Jasmine if her and Lee Ryan where just ‘a bit of fun’ in the house she replied:
‘Maybe at first it was, then it escalated very quickly into something else - and I think he was really aggressive like that. Looking back he did not act the same way with Casey. 
'I didnt realise how it was being edited, it just looked like the Casey Lee show and then the Jasmine Lee show through the whole thing.’
'I wouldn’t say I’m in love with him, but I do like him. You just want people to be honest and say it like it is. I just hate it when people have to lie.

We wonder if we will see then get back together or not or will Lee go back to Casey?

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