Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Jasmine Waltz Says Casey Batchelor Is ‘Desperate’ As She Aires Her Views On Celebrity Big Brother On Twitter

With her being vote off the show last Wednesday Jasmine Waltz has been watching Celebrity Big Brother and airing her views on Twitter.
The american actress has levelled fellow housemate Casey Batchelor as ‘desperate’ after in the last couple of episodes she has been getting back with Lee Ryan after he got himself into a love triangle with him, Casey and Jasmine.
Since Jasmine left last week Casey and Lee have been getting more and more close and Miss Waltz does not see happy at all.
Jasmine called in to Celebrity Big Brother’s after show Big Brothers Bit On The Side and voiced her options about Casey.
On Twitter she tweeted:
'My gwad (sic) the desperation... Have some pride for yourself.'
'NO Casey!! He doesn't want to drink with you and he doesn't want your snagle teeth on his d**k and he doesn't care your horny #Uneedasmack.'
A week or so ago most people where on Casey’s side but with her going back to Lee she is looking really desperate!

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