Thursday, 23 January 2014

Former SeaWorld Trainer Says The Staff Don’t Care About Their Whales

When you think of SeaWorld you think of whales swimming though the water with their caring trainers well half of that is correct all apart from the ‘caring'.
A former trainer at SeaWorld has said that the staff don’t care about the whales and are only interested in the money side to the job.
Former SeaWorld trainer, Kim Ashdown, who started exploiting the aquatic centre in the documentary,Blackfish, has said:
"As a former trainer of 12 years, trainers love the animals and (want to) believe in all the PR they are told Sea World does. I took them at their word about why we medicate, why the teeth are chipped and why they live to 35 years. When I opened my eyes later I saw that the love of my life was lying to me. I can say that corporate Sea World values the lives of the animals as much as they value a paycheck…
I can say that Corporate Sea World values the lives of its trainers as much as they value avoiding another PR nightmare such as Dawn's death. So yes, SW is concerned about the animals welfare and trainer safety… but why and to what extent? Only enough to skate by."
Kim realised she was very uncomfortable around the whiles when she was asked to move Shamu form one stadium to another.

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