Friday, 31 January 2014

Dappy Reviles Tulisa ‘Told Him’ To Do Celebrity Big Brother To 'Paint A Better Picture Of Myself'

N-Dubz Star Dappy Hospitalised After Being Kicked In The Face By A Horse!
Dappy has said that when he said yet to entering the Celebrity Big Brother house his promised his cousin Tulisa that he will be ‘himself’ and show the world who the real Dappy is.
Talking to OMG Yahoo he said:
“Tulisa had a tear in her eye and said well done, I promised her before I went in that I would be myself and I did what I said I would.”
The he was asked if is was a surprise to see his cousin outside the house in the audience Wednesday night and he relied:
“Yes, I was surprised but I thought she would be there the whole time, but I was like ‘wow!’.”
We have to say with all the drama that has gone on with Tulisa we where surpassed that she was their too.

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