Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Crew Members Holding Cue Cards Up Are Spotted In The Celebrity Big Brother House Causing Viewers To Say It’s A Fake!

Viewers of Celebrity Big Brother have been left outraged as during a task on the show a crew member was spotted holding que cards up telling the celebrities what to say!
For both the Celebrity and non-celebrity Big Brother viewers have been made to believe that the housemates have zero contact with members of the crew and only have their other housemates for company.
On Sunday’s Big Brother's Bit On The Side the presenter, Iain Lee above was filmed looking in at what the housemates when doing when the eager eyed viewers noticed the crew member on the screen.
Big Brother have spoke and said:
'Sometimes members of the task team enter the Big Brother house but they do not communicate with housemates.
'Ollie and Sam were taking part in an improvised reality scene and as part of this they were provided with surprise story lines to react to on chalk boards by a member of the task team.'
Lots of viewers have hit out at the show saying that they will no longer watch because it’s a ‘fix’.

On person tweeted:

Hang on, there's a crew member INSIDE the #cbb house! That's just spoiled it a bit tbh... @bbuk'.
Another said:

'Much sad to see the crew member giving many prompts in the cbb house. #cbb #FAKE'

Weather it’s a fake or not it still makes good TV.

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