Saturday, 25 January 2014

Channel 4 Slammed Over Don’t Look Down Documentary!

On Sunday night a controversial documentary called Don’t Look Down was aired on Channel 4 about a young man called James Kingston who climbs up on tall cranes to hang off just by his hands without any daft equipment called urban free-climbing.
But now Channel 4 have been slammed by viewers of the show on Twitter.
On viewer Tweeted:
‘Should they be showing this on Channel 4 ? I can imagine kids wanting to have a go themselves,’
Another said:
'What the f*** is Channel4 trying to do to our kids.'
Another user tweeted:
‘Don’t know which is more irresponsible. This chap hanging off cranes, or channel 4 for sensationalising it,’
The show was very shocking an lots of people where tweeting saying that they don’t know how James can go up so high and just dangle over the edge.

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