Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother Fans Shocked As They See A Hairdresser In The House Cutting Housemate’s Hair

Last week viewers to Celebrity Big Brother where up in arms because a ‘crew’ member was spotted holing cue cards up to the housemates when it’s been said that the housemates have no access to people on the outside world.
But now a photo online has sparked even more rumours that the show is fixed.
The Big Brother team have posted a photo of housemate Ollie Locke having his hair cut by a professional hairdresser to get ready for tonight’s final.
A spokesperson commented and said that this is nothing out of the ordinary even though they said that no one apart from the housemates are in the house at any one time.
The spokesperson said:
'I can confirm that on finale night, a hairdresser always goes in to give housemates a haircut or a trim.'
One Twitter user tweeted:
"What the f**k! They have hairdressers in viewers where clearly lied to."
Another said:
"Big Brother one big lie!"
It’s ben not the best of weeks for Celebrity Big Brother with last week and this week but anyways it comes to an end tonight.

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