Thursday, 30 January 2014

Casey Batchelor Admits She Was ‘Smitten' With Lee Ryan In Celebrity Big Brother

Casey Batchelor Admits She Was ‘Smitten' With Lee Ryan In Celebrity Big Brother
Last night Casey Batchelor became the sixth in the runner up in Celebrity Big Brother and during the interview the glamour model admitted that she was ‘smitten’ by lover boy Lee Ryan.
Talking in the interview with Emma Willis the beauty admitted:
'With situations like that you have to deal with it, it's in your face, there's no escape,' the glamour model said of the love triangle.
'I was smitten with Lee, I liked him. Not no more, though.
'My family and friends know my weak point ... I go back to someone that hurts me and I do it over and over again. Having this so in my face, I'm going to learn my lesson this time and not do it again.
She carried on in saying:
'I don't love Lee. I haven't known him long enough to love him. For now it will only just be friends.
'I think because we were cuffed together, spending 24 hours together so it felt like 20 dates,'
'He kissed me one night, and I find out from Jasmine he kissed her the next night.'
'The thing is we get on really well, we have great banter, and that's when the initial attraction started.'

We are glad that Casey is over Lee now because he did put her though hell but if you ask us we would tell her to stay away and not even be friends with him.

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