Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Wanted's Max George Shaved Off Jay McGuiness's Hair

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness appeared on Celebrity Juice last week with a brand new hair do as he now has it shaved at the sides but now we have learnt that fellow band member Max George shaved it off when he was drunk!
Max recently said:
"I actually cut it on a drunken night in and I think it looks alright. It was impromptu, but I think he's looking pretty smart." 
Max being Max then decided to put the bit of hair in a sock as he 'couldn't fine a bag' LOL:
"I couldn't find a bag, so I just used whatever I could find. I actually saw a picture of the girl who got it and she'd obviously had a fight over it because it was ripped to shreds, but she managed to keep hold of the hair." 
Fans have been wondering why has has such a sill haircut but at least now we know.

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