Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sinitta Shares Her Thoughts On The Weekends X Factor

Sinitta is never a one to keep her thoughts in her mind but now she has aired her views on This weekends X Factor!
The singer said that she thought Ellie Goulding's dress on the show was Fifty Shades of Grey:
‘Ellie Goulding went all Miley Cyrus on us, flashing oodles of flesh. She looked fantastic, and I don't think it was really overtly sexy - I reference Miley because it seems young female pop is really screaming, "I'm grown up now!” which is exactly what Ellie was doing. I think it's all down to Fifty Shades of Grey. The heroine, Anastasia, is a young woman who gets involved with an older man after he seduces her. These days, pornographic movies are censored, but books aren't - and while these young women aren't young kids - they must read it and think, 'this is what guys like, this is what they want to see'.’
Sinitta also shared her thought on the fashion and Sharon Osbourne's decision not to vote for one of two of her acts on the show.
Sinitta now has her own blog so we can see her sharing her thought even more as she now has more that 140 characters LOL.

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