Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sharon Osbourne "Turned The Colour Of Her Hair" When She Got Back To The Hotel After Having Ago At Louie Walsh For Not Putting Her Act Though!

If you where watching the X Factor on Sunday you will know that Sharon Osbourne begged and begged fellow judge Louis Walsh to save her act Shelly Smith but Louie save the other act Kingsland Road instead of her act.
According to sources Sharon called Louie every name under the sun and then when she got back to the Dorchester Hotel where she is staying she 'turned the colour of her hair' from shouting so much.
A source has said:
‘Sharon’s face was the colour of her hair – she looked like she was about to explode. No one knew where to look as she effed and jeffed at him.’  ‘She feels betrayed by Louis because, when she came back to the show, they had an understanding that they would help each other out. But Sharon feels humiliated that she was seen on camera pleading with him to help her out – and that he totally ignored her.’ 
Another source has said that Sharon ‘marched down the hallway’ shouting ‘”You f****** ****. I thought we were friends. You’ve betrayed me.’

Now Sharon's spokesperson has told sources that they never had a big bust up.
We bet they did have a big row but at then end of the day it's up to Louie who he votes for! Could you imagine if it was the other way around and Walsh telling Mrs O who to vote for.

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