Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sharon Osbourne Gets Slated By Former X Factor Reject Lorna Simpson

X Factor reject Lorna Simpson has slated her monitor Sharon Osbourne in the media by saying that when every she asked Mrs O for advice she said that she was 'too busy' to help.
Lorna said:
‘I’ve had issues with this all along,’ she said. ‘I wanted to talk to Sharon about the styling but she was too busy.’
Talking to The Sun she then said:
‘I realise Sharon wants me classy but I can do elegant and I can also do sexy. If I liked a dress that was hanging up on my wardrobe line, they would say, “No, no, hun, Sharon wants you covered up”.’
‘My image was completely changed. Maybe I was a threat,’ ‘I’m sorry but I was born sexy!
‘I had some middle-aged woman’s wardrobe. I’m 26! Why are you trying to hide me? You’ve hidden me enough.’
 Sharon has yet to comment on what Lorna's been saying.

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