Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nicki Minaj And Zac Efron Never Dated! Nicki Doesn't Even Know Who He Is!!

Yesterday t was reported that Zac Efron and Nicki Minaj dated for sometime but now it clearly looks like they where just rumours!
Nicki has took to Twitter to say that it's all just rumours and she even admitted that she doesn't know who Zac Efron is!!
Nicki tweeted:
"Who exactly is Zac Efron tho? I'm sorry, I'm so confused." 
Then on of her followers tweeted her a topless photo of Zac and then she replied saying:
"Oooohhhh ok… Well I guess that rumor isn't so bad after all. lmfao."
LOL we bet most girls would like that rumour about them.

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