Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nathan Sykes Was Really SCARED To Introduce Girlfriend Ariana Grande To His Parents!

Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande seem to be head over hills in love so much that he has introduced Ariana to him Mum and Dad.
Talking in a interview about how the first meeting went he said:
"I took her back to Gloucester yesterday (October 6) to meet all my family. I was so scared, you don't even realize. But my family thinks she's amazing and they're like, 'Nathan, how?' and I'm like, 'I don't know'. I don't think anyone can ever punch above their weight, but I feel very lucky, put it that way."
Then Nathan started talking about how his fellow The Wanted band members feel about his GF and he said:
"They love her. They feel really protective over her. They've taken her under their wing. I'm always like, 'Don't lead her astray, boys, don't lead her astray'. They adore her. She's the easiest person to get on with."
The he carried on in saying:
"People speculated for so long, but there was never anything official to say. When I actually got the balls to sort out what was happening, we told them the next day. We've always been completely honest with the fans, because we have good relationships with them. If you're really happy and you're comfortable with one another, why hide it? She's amazing, I'm so happy… she's a really special girl, I think the world of her and I hope we'll be together for a very long time."
He seems really happy with her so could we be seeing wedding bells any time soon??

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