Thursday, 3 October 2013

Monkey World Welcome Baby Twin Chimpanzees

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset have welcomed twin Chimpanzees Thelma & Louise who where born last week.
The pair are the latest addition to the park and most likely the cutest.
Mum Cherri has been a good mum in the past and i looking after the pair really well as park direction Dr Alison Cronin said:
 “We knew that Cherri was pregnant but twins were a surprise as they are not very common.”
The birth was a shock to the staff as Cherri has been on the birth control pill but last winter she was put on a corse of antibiotics for a chest infection and this is what made the pill fail to work.
A spokesperson at the park has said:
“As the park's birth control 'outlaws', the twin girls were aptly named after the famous movie fugitives.”
Staff att the park have been keeping a close eye on the two little bundles of joy to make sure they are fit and health.
Alison went on in saying:
“Cherri makes sure that both babies are placed near to her breasts so that both infants have a good opportunity to feed.
“It is fantastic to see her doing so well, especially as chimpanzees use their hands and feet to walk and climb.
“But Cherri is very conscious to help support the two infants, so her hands are full even when she is climbing up our 20 metre climbing frames.”
There is no doubt that these two will be a big crowed pleaser in the future. 

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