Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Miley Cyrus Says Her Father Billy Ray Cyrus, Doesn't Know How To Use Google!

Miley Cyrus has said that her father Billy Ray Cyrus, doesn't know how to use Google.
Talking recently the singer admitted about her father:
"It's good that he doesn't know how to Google and all that s–t. My dad barely knows how to use the computer. It literally takes him 45 minutes to send a tweet. He's like, ‘Can I do a picture on my BlackBerry? Is there an app for that?' I'm like, 'Dad, you don't have an iPhone. You don't even know what that means.'" 
We think it's a good thing that he doesn't now how to use Google as with some of the photos of his daughter on their he doesn't want to see that LOL.

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