Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kris & Bruce Jenner Are Going To Divorce After Reality Shows Contract Is Up!

Repots have been saying that Bruce and Kris Jenner are going to divorce after the contract for their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian's is over.
The pair have no planes what so ever about getting back together and now it really does look like it all over for these two former lovebirds.
As soon as the show stops filming in 2014 that's when the pair will file for their divorce.
This is what a source has said:
“Bruce and Kris will file for divorce but not until the current contract for the shows comes to an end. No one would watch if there wasn’t drama, separation leaves it up in the air and will make viewers want to tune in. But once it’s over, it will be over for the marriage too — once and for all.” 
So really at the moment they are only together fir ratings of the show!
Since the pair announced they where splitting a couple of weeks back they both look really happy so it seems best and also they did say that they are going to remain friends. 

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