Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Katie Price Nearly Broke Up With Latest Husband Kieran Hayler After Drunken Night Out With Gavin Henson

Katie Price has admitted that he marriage to stripper Kieran Hayler was nearly over when photo where published online of Katie holding Gavin Henson hand after a drunken night out.
Katie and Gavin where liked together last year but she passed it off as 'just friends'.
But Kieran was not happy about this at all as he nearly ended the relationship.
Katie said recently:
"I don't know what happened. Possibly my drink was spiked, I don't know, but the whole night was a blur."
Katie, Gavin and a few other friends all where partying until 11:30 the next morning:
"I can honestly say nothing happened with Gavin. There was probably flirtatious banter, nothing more. We all went back to Gavin's friend's house."
Kieran was waiting in a hotel room for Katie to return but then when Katie returned the next morning Kieran had gone as he spend most of the night calling friends to fine out where Katie had gone.
Shen then said:
"I thought 'I've lost him'. I admitted to myself that I really liked him. I realised that was my wake-up call and that there was no way I was letting Kieran go."

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