Sunday, 13 October 2013

ITV's Daybreak Might Be Renamed As Good Morning UK To Boost Ratings!

ITV's GMTV was renamed to Daybreak in 2009 and since then ratings have falling and have kept falling so now show bosses have said that they are thinking about renaming the show Good Morning UK to increase the ratings.
The bosses are planning on  revamp the show, that is only watched by 1 million people everyday with is very low as BBC Breakfast’s gets 1.5million every day.
A insider has said that the show will have a new set and will all be changes around.
A spokesperson for ITV has said:
'Our new Director of Daytime Helen Warner is looking at the whole of the Daytime schedule and Daybreak is part of this.
We really think they need to bring GMTV back as that was the best one out of the lot.

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