Wednesday, 2 October 2013

First Tiger Cub Born At London Zoo In 17 Years!

A baby tiger has been born at London Zoo what makes it the first in 17 years!
Zoo staff have wanted five-year-old Melati to have offspring since they arrived at the zoo at the start of this year but now their dream has came true as the baby was born alive and well and only took six minutes to be born.
Zookeepers kept the pregnancy hush hush and have only just released information on the new born who is currently off show to the public until the keepers fell that it's safe to show the little cub off.
Keeper Paul Kybett has said:
"We were nervous about the pregnancy as it was Melati's first cub and we didn't know how she'd react,"
"When it came to her due date, we were all watching our monitors with bated breath.
"The actual birth happened very quickly and Melati's maternal instincts kicked in immediately. She started licking the cub all over and it soon began wriggling around - we couldn't have asked for a smoother birth.
"It's still very early days, so we're leaving Melati to take care of her adorable baby. Our cameras allow us to watch them both from a distance.
"So far she's proving to be a doting mum."
We bet thousands of people are going to rush to the zoo when the baby cub comes out of the first time.

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