Sunday, 4 August 2013

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Spotted Getting Some Ice Cream Together!

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are really good friends but now it it looking like a bit more than 'just friends'?
The pair have been spending so much time together and now they have been spotted on a ice cream date.
As you can see above one eyewitness snapped a photo of the pair buying the ice cream at the shop and Ed was feeling a little worse for wear after the ice cream so went to the toliet to throw up and Taylor followed him.
The eyewitness said:
Ed kept drooling Ice cream and coughing and Taylor just goes ew and cracks up laughing. [I] cannot believe we literally ran into Taylor and Ed today. Ate ice cream and shared a bunch of laughs — Best birthday ever. They also listened to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Ed kept looking at his Ice cream and saying ‘I won’t stop believing.’ Taylor kept asking people for tips to give Ed, so he could finish his ice cream. She said ‘you can’t let these people down’. When Ed went to the bathroom to get sick, Taylor goes ‘I should probably go check on him.’
Later on in the day Ed then tweeted:

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