Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kim Kardashian Posts Fake Baby Photo Online

Kim Kardashian may have gave birth a few months back now but we still haven't seen the baby!
But now Kim has decided to fool her Twitter followers into thinking the photo above was of her baby North West.
When the photo was first posted everyone was thinking that it was an official photo but it's not and this is not the first time Kimmy has fooled people with the photo as she did sent fake photos to her friends to see if any of them would see them to the media and they did.
Yesterday Kim made her first public appearance since she gave birth on her mum Kris Jenner's chat show and before she went on she tweeted the photo above with the following:
Kim will show North of soon but until then we will just have to wait.
Everyone is getting so impatient over seeing the first snaps of the baby as we told you the other day about the paps breaking into their family home garden to try and get some snaps and make loads of ££££££££.

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