Friday, 2 August 2013

Jennifer Lopez Get's The Voice Performance Offer Turned Down!

A source has said that Jennifer Lopez was interested about performing on The Voice but was turned down by the producers of the show.
This is what the source had to say:
“She made a formal offer to be on the show. They said no to that.”
“She also submitted herself to have a recurring role. When you submit yourself to be a performer, the show can see how [the fans] and ratings react to your episode. But, they said no to both
A NBC rep has said the following:
“It was simply a matter of timing. The producers love Jennifer Lopez and tried to make it work, but due to the show’s format it just didn’t allow for another solo performance.”
Cher was booked months in advance. There was only room left for someone to do duets [with the finalists]. But the genres were country and EDM [electronic dance music] — which did not seem like a natural pairing.”
It's The Voice who misses out as JLO's performance always get in the new's so they are missing out on publicity.

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