Thursday, 18 July 2013

Spice Girls' Viva Forever To Return To The Westend!

The Spice Girls' broadway show Viva Forever was cancelled a few months ago but now it look's like it's coming back!
The show's producer  Judy Craymer has said the following:
“Oh yes, I’m sure Viva! will rise again at some point. It can be worked on. It was heartbreaking that we had to close it. I wouldn’t say there weren’t faults with it, but I love the Spice Girls, and, when you are thinking about a subject to write a musical about, I think that the Spice girls have earned a place on our landscape. Audiences had a good time. It wasn’t Mamma Mia! but I wasn’t trying for it to be Mamma Mia! It was meant to be more the combination of Jennifer [Saunders], and comedy with a wink at pop culture."
Not many people attended the show so why they are brining it back we have no clue.

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