Friday, 19 July 2013

Selena Gomez Was "Way Stressed" After Breaking Up From Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez has tried her hardiest to keep her head up since she broke up from Justin Bieber but now she has talked about how hard it was to end it with the teen singer.
 She explained:
"I'm sure you could actually see those pictures of me being, like, way stressed out about it. And it's hard, because what do you do? Do you just wanna sit in your house and hide and not go anywhere?"
"Justin and I never really focused on the attention. You can't help who you date. So I wouldn't swear off that or say that's what I want again. I don't know. I'm a kid, and a breakup is normal. I have to go through the emotions and feel it out. I'm doing my own thing, being with my friends, and he's doing very well too."
Gomez then went on in saying that she planes to have a home of her own as she said:
"Yeah, you know I think it's time. I didn't ever wanna be forceful to saying, 'OK, I've made enough to get my own house and OK, let's blow it off and do whatever.' I just love being with my family and I love knowing that they're there. But yeah, I think it's probably time for me to get my own house."
 As we have told you before Justin and Selena remain 'good friends' so you never know they might get back together sometime in the future.

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