Wednesday, 3 July 2013

One Direction's Harry Styles Getting Tips On Making Making Music From Gary Barlow!

One Direction's Harry Styles has been meeting with X Factor judge Gary Barlow to talk about making music and sipping in a few drinks too!
The pair meet up at the Soho House for a drink last weekend to discuss the singer’s development as a songwriter.
This is what a source has had to say about their meetings:
“Gary has been over in New York working on music for a Broadway musical version of Finding Neverland. He heard Harry was in town and arranged to meet up. They had a great afternoon talking about Gary’s life in Take That as a young bloke and then more recently. Harry is an attentive guy and really listens. He likes keeping older company and soaks up as much advice as he can get.
Gary talked him through his songwriting techniques and offered to write with him whenever they get the chance.”
So does this mean that Harry is going to go solo?  Remember he already has a solo single out so is he getting advice from Gary to go solo as Gary did the same from Take That!

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