Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lana Del Rey Slames Lady Gaga In New Single!

A Lana Del Rey single has leaked online but If you're a fan of Lady Gaga then i wouldn't listen.
In the song Rey slams Gaga and we have no clue why as we thought that they where friends.
Here's the lyrics to the bit about Gaga:
"Stefani (Gaga's real name), you suck, I know you're selling twenty million, Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg. You're looking like a man, you're talking like a baby."
Gaga's fans (Little Monsters) have spammed Lana with hate since the single was posted online and we think that there is a little bit of jealousy from Lana with all the hits that Gaga has had.
Check out the single above.

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