Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kate Middleton Might Give Birth At Another Hospital!

The press have bee waiting outside of the St. Mary’s Hospital for Kate Middleton to arrive for 3 weeks now but it looks like they might be let down!
Kate has been staying at her parents’ house in Bucklebury, 53 miles from London witch is too far for her to get the the St. Mary's hospital.
The Telegraph's reporting that she might have to change the hospital where she is having her baby.
This is what a source had to say:
“There are contingencies in place for wherever the Duchess happens to be, and one of them is the Royal Berkshire. It is still a possibility that she could give birth there, though that would only be in extremis, as the expectation is that she will go to St. Mary’s.”
It's been said that she might have her baby at the The Royal Berkshire Hospital what delivers 6,000 babies a year but the ting is they do not have any private maternity wings!
You would think that she would want to go to the St. Mary's hospital as she will have her own private room and remember when we told you about the food that she will be offered.
We will just have to wait and see.

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