Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kanye West Want's More Babies Already!

Kanye West want's more babies?? When he didn't even help Kim Kardashian out with the shopping bags when she was pregnant!!
New reports have said that West is already thinking about having baby number 2 even tho Kim only gave birth a few weeks ago.
A sources has said:
"At first, Kim thought Kanye was joking, as she's been through such a stressful time in the past few months and she's only just started to feel herself again. As soon as she realised he was serious, it sparked a spat."
Kim has said to Kanye that he need's to hold off for a little while with having another:
"Kim reminded Kanye she faced a horrific ordeal with Nori. She feels if he was any kind of supportive partner, he would realise how difficult that was for her, and he would wait until she's regained her confidence."
The source also said that Kimmy is still getting use to parenthood and is trying to be the best mum she can be:
"She wants time to get to grips with motherhood - she's still struggling to breastfeed - and to enjoy her first precious months as a mom before she even starts thinking about more children"
Kanye thinking about having another already when we haven't even seen the first one yet!

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