Saturday, 27 July 2013

Justin Bieber Uses Wheelie Bin To Sneak Out Of Hotel!

With Justin Bieber being one of the biggest singers in the world he has millions of fans worldwide and now he has came up with a creative way to leave his hotel.
The teen singer reportedly uses a wheelie bin to sneak out of his hotel so he can go unnoticed.
Radio personalities of KiSS 92.5 Cash and Wylde, talked about Bieber leaving his hotel in this way ad they even posted the photo above of the bin that he uses on their Facebook page.
This is what sources have said:
"THIS is how Justin Bieber has been sneaking out of his hotelhere in Toronto! We're actually NOT joking! This pic is apparently of one of his bodyguards wheeling him out… and nobody knew!!!!"
Haha every time a fan see a wheelie bin outside of his hotels they will be think that he has been inside.
What will this boy do next??

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