Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Former Loose Woman Lynda Bellingham Diagnosed With Cancer

Actress Lynda Bellingham has been diagnosed with cancer!
Lynda who's well known for her role in Calendar Girls and for playing the Oxo mum  in the 1980s is said to have been  ‘devastated’ by the news.
The former Loose Woman released a statement last night of the news and also said that she will not be taking part in he tour of Kay Mellor’s A Passionate Woman.
 The statement says:
‘I’m devastated not to be able to honour my commitments to the play this year,’

‘But having toured many times before, I’m aware of the sheer stamina needed and I need to prioritise my recovery.
That said, nothing’s going to stop me coming back next year, and I can’t wait to be “a passionate woman”.’
 Lynda is not the first person to have been diagnosed with cancer in her family as it was only last year her sister Barbara died from lung cancer.
Bellingham has always been a big supporter of cancer charities including Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.
Lynda has not told the type of cancer she has how bad it is yet.

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