Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cher Feels Sorry For Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes may have called Cher 'ugly' and  a "flop" in a Twitter rant but the legendary singer has said that she feels for the troubled starlet.
Talking about Amanda Cher said:
"I feel a lot of compassion for these young kids that are growing up that don't really understand exactly what's going on. It's really rough. That's why I do a lot of tweeting… I feel kind of like a mother. It's something that gives them a little insight into things and it doesn't make them think that all grownups are the enemy. I never understood the thing about not saying you're sorry because it's so easy. It doesn't take any time and it just dissolves all the bad feelings. It just lets it go, and we can't hold on to that kind of stuff. It makes you sick."
We can see Cher helping Amanda and like she said she feels like being her mother.
Cher seems really understanding with the way that Bynes is and it seems like she doesn't care that she called her all them names it really shows what i nice person Cher is.

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