Thursday, 4 July 2013

Amanda Bynes Has Plans To Marry Someone That's Not Drake!

Amanda Bynes Denies Drugs, Alcohol And Plastic Surgery!

A couple of weeks back Amanda Bynes had surgery to 'look better' and then she went to have more done over the weekend just pasted and she was turned down by her surgeon but now she has said that she is having all this work done to get married!
The troubled actress thinks that she will never find a man because of her "birth defect" what she is referring to her nose what there is nothing wrong with!
The troubled star tweeted:
  Drake Is Not The One For Me, But I'm Sure He'll Make Someone Happy!
— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) July 3, 2013
At first the world thought that she would marry Drake as she seemed head over heels in love with her even tho we don't think she has even meet him and now all she does is call him 'ugly' it seems like she really does fancy him but just can't admit it.

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